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New diggs

Welcome to the new website! gets a redesign and a fancy, new coat of paint courtesy of Archaeology Design Studio. Come on in, take a look around and hang a while. Aspiring to new, never before reached heights of narcissism, the site looks to group all things Mark Bacino, aka me, under one digital roof; my music, my production work, and my gigs as music journalist and educator. Hey, enough about me, let’s talk about me…

songwriter stories podcast

Flattered to have recently been a guest on Dave Caruso’s “Songwriter Stories” podcast. Dave and I talked all things songwriting and took a bit of a tour through my catalog, cracking the hood on a few tracks to see what makes them tick.

top of the world

Work continues at a fevered snail’s pace on my new album tentatively titled, “Top of the World.” Sooner than later? Later than sooner? I don’t know. I’m getting closer.

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Visit My Production Site

Since my production and writing duties for film, TV and other artists take up a good deal of my musical time, serves to accommodate my cowbell loving alter-ego. Please visit the site, "explore the studio space" and see/hear what I've been up to on the production front. Those interested in securing my writing/production related services should also visit for more info.


Via intro.verse.chorus I offer one-on-one, songwriting lessons (Skype/in-person), song critique services and song doctoring services all sourced from my 30+ years as a singer-songwriter, producer and music journalist. IVC also strives to be a free online resource for the developing songwriter, featuring videos and articles designed to educate and encourage.

Guitar World

If writing songs is your thing, check out my online, Guitar World pieces focused on the art of songwriting.