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I’m Mark Bacino, singer-songwriter, producer, music journalist and educator based in New York City.



Through IVC I offer one-on-one songwriting lessons via Skype. My program is sourced from my 30+ years writing songs and writing about songs for such publications as Guitar World, SonicScoop and Songwriter’s Market.

Weekly, half-hour lessons are priced at $35. Beginner to advanced welcome. If you’d like to look over the course outline and find out more about the lessons and my background, please see our 

If you have any questions regarding the lessons or would like to book your first session, please

Additional Services 

Via IVC I also offer additional songwriting related services in the form of song critiques and song doctoring, see below for more info:

Songwriting Resource

In addition to offering lessons and other song related services, IVC also strives to be a free online resource for the developing songwriter, featuring videos and articles designed to educate and encourage. Please enjoy our latest content below, join the mailing list for updates, visit the IVC archive , or check out my latest contributions to Guitar World and SonicScoop.


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